Farm Fun with the McConnell Family ~ Louisiana Family Photographer

Well, it's been a while... but what better way to start back my blogging than with this sweet, silly family? I've always said everywhere you go has it's pros and cons - I love me some big city, but sometimes there's just nothing like growing up in a small town! I was dubious moving back, because there's always negatives to knowing everybody in town, but the positives much outweighed that! 

This is one example ~ I've known Mindy forever, growing up in a small town, you just know folks. And I always thought she was so sweet! But, as you will see with blogs to come, I have been blessed to have all these awesome folks come back in to my life, and they're bringing their freaking awesome new families!!

Mindy and Zac are so stinkin' sweet, and I can't get over their son, Noah!! I tell you, meeting people for the first time is always an experience ~ sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always memorable. He was one for the books! 

When I first pulled up to their house, Noah was hanging outside, just moseying around. As soon as I got out of the car, he straight up introduced himself and then his dog, "This is our dog Eve! We named her that cause we got her on Christmas Eve." LOL Love a kid that is just up front and talkative! Just wait :) He then goes on to tell me about these cows that came up in his yard... I said, "Do What?! Cows in your YARD??" He said, "Yeah, our neighbor's cows just came over here across the pasture!! Crazy!" LOL I'm in love with this kid already!

I decided to just roam their property and find ways to show off who they were ~ I loved the woods behind their place! Noah did, too! One of my favorite things as a child photographer is to just stand back and allow them to be them ~ I try to slightly guide parents into focusing more on enjoying spending time with their kids and not worrying about getting them posed in the perfect position. To me, the photographs I always cherish are the ones that express who the person is. My goal in every session is to capture that one shot where they'll remember the silliness or the sadness or all the emotions they felt in that moment, fifty years later when they pull that print out of an old beat up Justin boot box that they've thrown all those old photographs in... What can I say? I'm a print junkie! I get that from my mama ;) 

I had so much fun playing around with them out on their property. I just love me some good ole country folks :) 

Gotta finish this off with these hilarious pictures! What you get when you say on the count of three do something goofy is always a surprise! Zac was a little skeptical of his crazy wife, but they both got so tickled by Noah! LOL Me included ;) Until next week, take after these super sweet goofballs, make a silly face and enjoy life! Sessions like this sure remind me how amazing it is for your job to be something you love so much!