Fishing for Father's Day! {Mason's Surprise Session}

When Kindle messaged me about doing a surprise Father's Day fishing session for Craig, I screamed yes! It's always fun to get a little muddy for a session, especially when it's with a sweet little toot like Mason! We headed out to Lake Erling, in Taylor, Arkansas and had such a blast playing and splashing around the "fish" ;) Hope you can have a little bit of the fun we had by scrolling through the images; at least you won't get wet like I did! Happy Father's Day, Craig! 

Surprise sessions are so much fun! Contact me if you have anyone special you want to surprise with some fun silliness! 

Farm Fun with the McConnell Family ~ Louisiana Family Photographer

Well, it's been a while... but what better way to start back my blogging than with this sweet, silly family? I've always said everywhere you go has it's pros and cons - I love me some big city, but sometimes there's just nothing like growing up in a small town! I was dubious moving back, because there's always negatives to knowing everybody in town, but the positives much outweighed that! 

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