NOT saying goodbye to #cjpseniorsquad18

Most of these kiddos are graduating this week, a few already have, but I just had to take a few minutes to skim back over this year and laugh and cry and just be depressed they're leaving me LOL

Mama's dont watch if you're having an emotional day, cause I might have tuned up a little bit ;) Way too many things have been different this year... I got in front of the camera more, I let them steal my heart, and I'm real close to tears thinking about them going to college and leaving me! These guys are why I do rep groups- I love being able to get creative with Callie Coe and they let us do us. And then make me laugh constantly :) I LOVE Y'ALL!!! SERIOUSLY. LOVE Y'ALL! Don't leave me ;) LOL!!

*i do not own rights to this music. Just perfect for this - Go check out Judah & The Lion, they freaking rock!!*