WELCOME TO THE FREAK SHOW! {Callie Jo Photography Styled Shoot}

Make sure to hit play for the music to set the mood ;)

STEP RIGHT UP! STEP RIGHT UP! Men and women, boys and girls! Hurry, hurry!

Gather around to witness the greatest show on earth! Witness the unfathomable… the unusual… the exotic! Feast your eyes upon the most curious mishaps our world has even seen! We travel all over the country and setup in your back pasture just to bring you the freaks!


Introducing you to Tiffani Tickles, our family friendly clown ;) our amazing helper Claudia who never fears to step in and have a little fun with our carnies; Miss Mag who is the baddest around with her blades; Tangling Tristan, our marionette who specializes in accordion playing, but also has to share the sound with the Siamese twins ~ Grace & Lace. You decide which is which ;)

And we couldn't run the show without our Ring Leader Brock, who always pulls the strings of Miss Tristan! Stare in awe at the Stupendour Strongman, Mason… he’s been witnessed to stop trains dead with his strength! And I promise, she’s not an optical illusion, Miss Dexterous Drue always performs some of the most daring trapeze acts! Make sure to gaze upon the beauty of the Lovely Bearded Lady and get your fortune read by the talented Lex, who uses her bearded dragon to summon all her powers!!

Senior Rep Squad 2019 {Going Retro}

"Photographing attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places." - Slim Aarons summarizing his photographic career.


I love challenging myself to breathe, relax, and know that inspiration for my Senior Rep shoots will come across at the right time, but sometimes it's so scary wondering how in the world are we going to top last year when we have so much fun!? Well, Slim didn't disappoint. I knew the minute I came across Poolside Gossip I wanted to do a Palm Springs, poolside styled shoot. I've always had a little obsession with vintage pieces, and the old style from the late 60's and early 70's and I was so pumped when I finally had the opportunity to seek out those iconic finds!


I knew what I wanted the location to look like, but knew that being in North Louisiana, it was going to be kind of tough to find that exact look somewhat close. WRONG. I think God has such a sense of humor... somehow a free weekend in May led to me and my assistant heading five hours north to Mountain Home, AR to watch two of our Senior Reps from 2018 play ball, and what happened? We found this gem, which couldn't have been more perfect! So thankful for Tim and the crew at River Rock Hotel for hosting us and allowing us to take over a room and soak up the sun by their pool! 

Imagine driving a fifteen-passenger van through the mountains all night to start hair and makeup and shooting early morning! Yep... a five hour drive in my SUV turned into an 8 hour drive with some crazy seniors in a van #wafflehousepitstop LOL!!

So, as these last days of heat and "summer" finish up down here in the south, take a moment to go back in time and relive your teens/twenties or imagine how life must've been for all our parents ;) 


Have to give a huge shoutout to some amazing boutiques and stores for their totally rad pieces! From mumus, crop tops, and shoes to some FAB dresses, I was so excited to shop local and score these finds! Check them out! South Main Creative in Little Rock, Bullets & Butterflies Vintage Booth at Kings Antiques & More, The Antique Marketplace, and our very own Clutterbug and Main St Thrift in Springhill! And lawdy, these looks wouldn't be what they are without mama's amazing jewelry collection she still had ;) 


I couldn't do what I do with these seniors without the amazing talent of Callie Coe at Salon One Twenty. This is our third year teaming up for my Senior Rep Group and I can't wait to show y'all what we have in store for Halloween!! Oh em gee, you're going to be so blown away! Y'all make sure to follow her on Facebook to see all the magic she works with hair and makeup! 

NOT saying goodbye to #cjpseniorsquad18

Most of these kiddos are graduating this week, a few already have, but I just had to take a few minutes to skim back over this year and laugh and cry and just be depressed they're leaving me LOL

Mama's dont watch if you're having an emotional day, cause I might have tuned up a little bit ;) Way too many things have been different this year... I got in front of the camera more, I let them steal my heart, and I'm real close to tears thinking about them going to college and leaving me! These guys are why I do rep groups- I love being able to get creative with Callie Coe and they let us do us. And then make me laugh constantly :) I LOVE Y'ALL!!! SERIOUSLY. LOVE Y'ALL! Don't leave me ;) LOL!!

*i do not own rights to this music. Just perfect for this - Go check out Judah & The Lion, they freaking rock!!*