Memphis, A Rock'n'Roll Getaway ~ Travel Photographer

Memorial Day... No, I'm not confused by what holiday it is, I'm stating that that was the last time I went on "vacation" and took time off. I have a problem ~ I can't leave posts hanging, I can't leave messages unanswered, I have to constantly keep going! But, I promised myself I would shut down and go off the grid for Labor Day Weekend, and I straight up did! You have no idea how hard it was to not respond to messages, and to not even post these shots when I took them. I vowed to actually enjoy the weekend, and not miss my vacation and time with Casey with my nose in my phone posting pictures and missing out on what's happening in front of my eyes :) So, Instagram overload, here it comes! LOL 

Anytime I've been asked, "If you could do anything, what would it be?" I have always had the same answer ~ "I want someone to pay me to travel and take pictures LOL" That's a far reach from a typical job, so I never planned on that actually happening... But, I have found a happy medium ~ I am now photographing beautiful families and seniors, and getting my heart melted by sweet sweet kiddos, and every once in a while I get to hit the road and enjoy our magnificent world. 

I knew it was just going to be a short weekend, so I started thinking of what was close enough but that I've never gotten to go to. I've driven through Memphis a thousand times, but never stopped. I was so excited to experience a new place! Casey and I headed out Saturday morning, and I just have to take a minute to brag on him. I have such an awesome man ~ he never gets sick, and of course it hit him like a brick the day before we left :( As hellbent as I was about going somewhere, I knew I would go alone if I needed to, but it wouldn't be the same. This is where I get to say how awesome he is... He went. Sick as a dog. And for one day had a good time, but I know he was miserable. The things you do for the one's you love :) 

So... we headed to Beale Street as soon as we got in. These are just a few shots I took, just taking in the city. I love how old things are, but are also well maintained and held together. 

This is one of my favorite shots ~ we were walking down Beale St and it just took me in. I felt like I had transported in time. 

This place... a hole in the wall, but the best fried chicken you will eat!! It has some spice and I freaking love it!! Let me just say, I don't know if it's because I'm 30 and my tastes are changing, if I was starving, or what, but I freaking didn't substitute the coleslaw like I tend to and ate it! It was delicious!! I hate coleslaw! Or hated it LOL I don't know if it's just Gus or what, but this should be the first, well second behind Beale Street, of your stops when you go to Memphis :)

Graceland :) Home of the King of Rock'n'Roll! I had to swing through by myself because Casey was feeling so horrible (good idea though, it was super crowded since it was a holiday weekend, and being sick he would've hated it!) So, take a little tour with me ~ roam through Elvis' home of Graceland.

Peacock Room

Stairway to Upstairs

Dining Room

The Jungle Room

Selfie on the Lawn since I was solo :)

Golden Records

I know you're thinking, you're almost done with this blog and you haven't even mentioned the word barbecue! This is Memphis! What's going on? Let me tell you, we had planned on grubbing on some, but hadn't officially decided on a place. I reached out to a woman I am so jealous of how much travel she does, Mary Weddle, and she suggested Central BBQ and Rendezvous. When we were walking down Beale Street, we decided to stop and just people watch and a woman started talking to us who was from there. She told us we HAD to go to Rendezvous because their ribs were the bomb! The cool thing is, the entrance is in an alley. It's not bam out in your face. Well, we went on with our Saturday and roamed around and decided to hit up Gus' Fried Chicken and then go to Rendezvous the next night. *Note: I always plan and decided to wing this trip... on Sunday we figured out Rendezvous is closed LOL So, try to sort of plan ;)

All in all, it was a great trip! Glad I decided to take a few days off! Cheers to the King of Memphis :)